Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting there slowly, but it's working.

Well, it's coming along pretty well. I spent too much time today reading a bunch of stuff about Apple's HIG, and how the guidelines are out of date and not followed even by Apple itself. There is so much information for trying to get the program acting and looking right, it becomes overwhelming reading documentation and reference material for programming. Anywho, here's some pics of the Workout Manager for the program. It's still quite incomplete, but it is better than nothing. I still need to implement order to the way exercises are performed in a workout, since how they are displayed is completely random, based on CoreData's whims. I don't know if I will keep the HUD style for the panels. If so, the Pop-up menus and buttons will need to be custom built, since Apple provides no standard HUD controls. (They provide the HUD style though, go figure.) I like the HUD look for panels, but it is only available in 10.5. Cheers.


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