Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The back end for the application is coming along nicely. The data model is working, and will allow for creation of custom workouts which can then be copied to different days. Since there will be custom workouts, a user will be able to compare progress over time of different round, time, or load based workouts, and chart their progress. Doing a bit of research, the USDA has a nutrient database containing over 7000 different foods, which may end up being a solution to the application's problem of adding in each of your own foods. This would be easier and is probably more accurate. Since it is available online, updating of the food database into the application would be a trivial exercise. Other thoughts in consideration are making the application look as good as iTunes, iCal, or iPhoto. Layout wouldn't be difficult, but getting the color scheme right may prove to be hard. We'll see.

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